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Some comments of mine reposted...

On allowing myself to be a "bad" artist:

iI feel the same way. I tried to post some recordings of my music last night on myspace. I got inspired when a friend recently put up some of her old recordings. I listened to mine through and felt ok about them. As soon as they were public, I immediately started picking them apart and tore them down in a fit of frustration. It really is so hard to let go. I've been stuck on Ch 7 for about 5 weeks

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2008-01-30 12:01 pm (UTC)
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I've been attempting to get through The Artist's Way for over a year now. I think I'm on my third time through. I was getting stuck on Ch5 for a long time. Now I seem to be stuck on Ch7.


Morning Pages-wise, I tend to favor marble notebooks. I keep mine under my pillow and as soon as my alarm goes off (I'm down to 15 minutes for the 3 pages by now) I just start scribbling whatever into it. I leave it home because it gets intensely personal and I don't want prying eyes to find it. The marble notebooks are inexpensive and solid and the hard back is good for writing in your lap in bed. Pens that feel good when you write are indispensable for me. If I have a scratchy-skippy pen, I won't do my pages.

Next thing I've grown accustomed to is printing out a monthly calendar, pasting it in my notebook on the first of the month and putting a small sticker I love on each calendar day that I write. It's a real motivator.

In the past, I've collaged all over my notebooks. Now I tend to favor them plain.

My advice - go with what moves you and spare no expense. The morning pages are AMAZING! I resolve most fights with my boyfriend before they even happen and I'm totally not stressed about work anymore (I used to be so neurotic it was disgusting). I've definitely felt a lot of things dislodge from my psyche since I started TAW. In fact, I'm pretty positive the book is responsible from unearthing me from a 7 year bout of depression. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my adult life and I attribute the majority of my progress to this life-changing book. Still not completely unblocked, though. I have a lot more to work through.

Just sharing thoughts in hopes I'm helping...

All the best! :)
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