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Let's start.

Hello my dear artistic friends.

Monday (Jan 13) your brand new creative life starts. In the meantime, there is a nice, long, meaty chapter from the book The Artist's Way that you should read. If you don't have the problem...this chapter is posted on the author's website as a .pdf. (I tried to copy it here but it doesn't seem to be the type of .pdf you can do that with)
or, if you have the book, the chapter entitled "Basic Tools."

Read that and then come and tell us what your thoughts are.
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morning pages. Every morning I get up and I am on the computer for 30-60 minutes before I get ready to go to work. I review my thoughts of the previous day while going through my routines of LJ, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook inclusive of playing at least 1-2(if not more) games of mental blocks. This will be me trying to put them in written words instead of just mental thoughts
perfect icon...

The thing that has been the most different for me is to actually write in longhand. I practically never do that any more...I can type so much faster than I can write. But the author says there is something special about actually doing it longhand. hmmmm.

Hmmm let's hope I can read my chickenscratch if I have to do this longhand. LOL Here's some benefits I see to this though:

1. We have plenty of notebooks laying about for homeschooling purposes. But we don't really use spiral bound, so they are just sitting here. They can have a tree

2. Depending on what I think, I may use this pretty fairy bound notebook a friend gave me last year. OK, it's Tink and cool and I have not done anything with it. See end of 1.

3. I just got new Hello Kitty pens for Christmas. Hmmm. Diff colours and all that!

4. Mobile. I can take it on the road. In case I get struck my inspirational muse and not around a computer. Which seems to happen a lot. HAHA

With my poetry, I actually have a special notebook. I write it on the computer but I transcribe in nice script into aforementioned special notebook. I don't really know why. It's just what I've always done. LOL Is that weird?
No, writing your poems separately sounds great! Just the kind of stuff this book seems to want you to do. Just do your own thing even if it is different.
I love the Tink book and Hello Kitty pens. So awesome.
My only warning is not to let the Morning Pages be confused with real writing. This is just to get the funk out in the morning. It is not supposed to be reread or memorable. Later, a year later or something, you can read over it and giggle, but right now it is just supposed to be a non judgmental place to throw thoughts.
I like that. Has anyone tried it yet?

If you are not already doing so, I highly highly highly highly recommend keeping a separate book for your inspirations during the day. It can be a small one. The moleskine variety or something like it, even a hardback sketchbook that can easily fit in a purse or coat pocket. And I mean notes for writers, musicians, and cooks, not just artists.
Pen (or even pencil) is stronger than memory.
My tink book is actually small, like purse sized. So I probably wouldn't waste it on whatever these morning pages are. Since I've not had a chance to fully read (I don't even have the whole book. My bookstore does not have it. I hate my bookstore.) I am not really sure what to make of the morning pages thing. I really need to sit down when I have a chance this weekend to fully contemplate this morning pages thing. If it's what I got from skimming, I'll just use a spiral bound notebook for that. Doesn't seem like it is supposed to be "worth" much more than just an excercise in rambling. I'm not real sure about this stream of consciousness kind of gist I'm getting. My mother claimed to me at an early age that's just how people think, but I must be a freak because I think in full on paragraphs. LOL

It'll be interesting. I'll probably always keep my special dolphin notebook of my poetry because I'm weird that way. I actually don't do as well anymore with writing and then typing. I think my creativity gets stumped by old fashioned pen in hand and dead trees in front of me. Of course, I'm an early adopter of technology. The only journalism major at my school with a laptop. One girl had a word processor, does anyone remember those? LOL No, I don't mean software, I mean the DEVICE like a cross between a typewriter and a computer.

The moleskin notebooks are sooooo nice, I know a lot of writers that use those. That's about the size of my Tink one, I just never remember to carry it around in my bag so I dn't have it on hand for midday inspiration. LOL I do like the feel of the moleskin notebooks. I always look at them in the store. But then I get that brain fuzz when I hold the pen to a dead tree. I'm too busy I guess going , "ooooh pretty cover".

I've always been easily distracted by shiny!
I think your impression of the morning pages is's not supposed to be nice writing. It's supposed to be spew. Brainfarts. (pardon)

so whatever paper you want to use for that is great.
Brainfart... that's the word I was looking for. HAHA Definitely... morning spew of whatever. So yeah, cheap notebook it will probably be. Yippeee for lots of homeschooling stuff. LOL

I'm not sure what to make of the morning pages. Maybe I'll figure it out as I go along. :)

Wish I could have found that workbook. Le Sigh
I've been attempting to get through The Artist's Way for over a year now. I think I'm on my third time through. I was getting stuck on Ch5 for a long time. Now I seem to be stuck on Ch7.


Morning Pages-wise, I tend to favor marble notebooks. I keep mine under my pillow and as soon as my alarm goes off (I'm down to 15 minutes for the 3 pages by now) I just start scribbling whatever into it. I leave it home because it gets intensely personal and I don't want prying eyes to find it. The marble notebooks are inexpensive and solid and the hard back is good for writing in your lap in bed. Pens that feel good when you write are indispensable for me. If I have a scratchy-skippy pen, I won't do my pages.

Next thing I've grown accustomed to is printing out a monthly calendar, pasting it in my notebook on the first of the month and putting a small sticker I love on each calendar day that I write. It's a real motivator.

In the past, I've collaged all over my notebooks. Now I tend to favor them plain.

My advice - go with what moves you and spare no expense. The morning pages are AMAZING! I resolve most fights with my boyfriend before they even happen and I'm totally not stressed about work anymore (I used to be so neurotic it was disgusting). I've definitely felt a lot of things dislodge from my psyche since I started TAW. In fact, I'm pretty positive the book is responsible from unearthing me from a 7 year bout of depression. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my adult life and I attribute it all to this life-changing book. Still not completely unblocked, though. I have a lot more to work through.

Just sharing thoughts in hopes I'm helping...

All the best! :)