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Chapter 8 update...

I've decided to do Ch8 this week.  I've completed all the tasks from Ch7.  I'm totally blocking myself on one of my upcoming performances, however.  It's at the beginning of March and I will be performing seven original songs with a sign-language interpreter.  I've given my interpreter the lyrics to four of the songs, but still have not recorded anything for her to practice with.  I'm so afraid to record.  I'm also supposed to be writing three new songs for the show and I was making good progress, but now I can't finish.  I didn't do my pages yesterday... probably because I'm shutting down creatively a bit.  I'm having trouble making myself do them this morning and time is ticking away before I have to get on the road for work.  Funny, the book says that you'll avoid doing your pages just when they're the most necessary - and I know that's what's going on right now.  Wish me luck!
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