The Damsel In Dis Dress (elle_cosette) wrote in walkthenfly,
The Damsel In Dis Dress


I revised my short story (once named "Out of Order", changed to "A Tidier, Simpler Time") that won the American Mothers contest and sent it to Country Woman magazine.

Ha ha! I love how easy that makes it sound!

This magazine requires the main character to be a "country woman" so I had to tweak it hard.I worked a long time on it, and it was still really difficult to press that "send" button. My self-doubt is my worst enemy. I kept thinking about how there are precious few magazines taking fiction nowdays, and this one publishes only 6 times a year--and doesn't always include a fiction piece...and how many people must be vying for those 4 or 5 annual slots...hopeless...and the rejection will be devastating...not worth it...

But maybe my Artist's Way study is helping, because I really did, in reality, press the "send" button.

The hilarious part is that I hope to publish this magazine story in order to make it easier to have my Zillah novel considered in order to have my Alek novel considered. It's like the old woman who swallowed a fly, then swallowed a spider to catch the fly, etc.
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